Cabbage Soup Diet Plan Reviews

Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work?

There are plenty of people who rave about the Cabbage Soup Diet and claim that it worked wonders for them before their high school reunion or wedding. But is there any real evidence out there that tells whether the plan actually does what it promises?

This is a short-term diet that gives you a quick way to lose weight. If you only want to lose a few pounds for a specific goal it will work great, but there’s a good chance that you’re going to end up gaining the weight back unless you adopt a new way of eating after the diet is over. If you want to use it to jump start a long term weight loss, you need to follow up with a healthy food plan and regular exercise.

Cabbage Soup Diet Results

To get an idea of how the diet works for real people, take a minute to read these personal stories:

Joy, 25-year old from Baltimore:

I had a friend’s wedding come up and I hadn’t given much thought to my bridesmaid dress after the first fitting. Then all of a sudden the final fitting was coming up and I realized that I had been opting for sweats and stretchy pants because I’d put on a few pounds. I didn’t want to stress the bride out and I wanted to look good, so I went on the Cabbage Soup Diet for a quick fix. This diet is the bomb! It works fast and is easy to do, and after it was done I felt so much better about how I looked. I got a little bored with the soup, but I just threw in some red pepper flakes one day, some cilantro the next, and it made it like a whole new soup! I lost 8 pounds in 7 days and I feel great!

Bill, 40-year-old from Los Angeles:

I was looking for a new job, and when I went to get ready for my first interview I was horrified to find that my suit was too tight! With three interviews coming up in 2 weeks I needed something that I could do fast so I chose the Cabbage Soup Diet. You have to like cabbage to do this diet, that’s for sure! But if you can stick to the plan, you will see results fast! The truth is that it is a short-term weight loss, and if you’re not careful after the diet is over the weight will come back on almost right away. But if you use the diet as a springboard to keep losing weight, you can really make a big difference in your body. The day the diet was over I went food shopping for more healthy foods, paying attention to avoiding anything processed or loaded with sugar, calories and fat. I also started working out once the diet was gone and I’ve been able to keep the weight off.